The webinar replay, or what needs to be said on improving writing for English learners

The webinar has happened, and I am more than happy about it! I am delighted to have seen more than 20 people come, and the ones participating in the chat were so active. It was like a little miracle: see people learning  in front of my eyes! I will never get tired of that.

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Review from my students: Sergey Ryzhikov and 1C-Bitrix Company

So, I have been doing corporate English teaching projects for the last 4 years, and this is my biggest one.

‘Bitrix’ is one of the leading CRM and website engines producers in Russia. Their need in going global led to the choice of options for learning English. I have been working with them for 4 years, Continue reading “Review from my students: Sergey Ryzhikov and 1C-Bitrix Company”

A case study: Language experience in Europe — SONIK LIFE

This post is an extract of a case study describing how I work with my students, and what methods of learning languages are available nowadays.

I am posting a report of my student about visiting a language exchange community in Prague. We have been working over Sonia’s speaking confidence and speaking skills for a year, and she has made progress from a low A2 to confident B1 level, and now she is progressing faster and faster.

Now the task is to give her as many opportunities for real speaking practice as possible. And this meeting was a great success, because not only did she make many new people speaking English at a different level, but she also liked it so much and is determined to continue!

Hi! Today I want to share my langugage experience in a language exchange club in Prague. Me and my teacher Daria were there on 14th of August. First of all, I wanna say that at the meeting I really managed to deal with my language barrier, I felt that I can speak well, think in English. […]

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Reviews from my students: Polina

A new review today from Polina

Полине требовалось повторение того, что она уже знала, и нужно было продолжать доучивать недоученное. Мы смогли с ней изменить отношение к языку, потому что до начала курса Полина не использовала язык в активной речи, и для нее идея общаться была немного отпугивающей. Уже первый опыт зарубежной поездки показал, как приятно говорить и понимать, и это дало нам большой скачок в мотивации. Continue reading “Reviews from my students: Polina”

A short guide to effective writing in English

We all have been there: sitting in front of an open…and absolutely blank… page. What are we afraid of when we start writing a new text? Why is it so hard for us to start? I think we are scared not to be able to communicate our message effectively. We take the effort to express what’s inside our mind, but will it be the same what we wanted to say from the beginning? Will people relate to that? Will we get the result we want: a sale, a connection, whatever?

If you are not a native speaker and not proficient in English yet, this fear grows to terror.

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How to REALLY start speaking foreign languages

Just sharing some experience and insights. When I talk to people about languages, they usually complain about how hard it is to start or develop speaking in a language they are learning. Well, it is not hard. I think, it is really a question of HOW MUCH TIME you do it. There is no technical secret to it.
Yesterday, we with my student Sofia went to this Speak Easy Praha event. She needs more speaking practice, that’s why we have chosen one of those language exchange communities you can find in many cities these days. It is a series of socialising meetings for people who want to practise speaking different foreign languages.

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